Anthony Field of the Wiggles Helped Me Overcome Meningitis

By Alana HuxtableFebruary 5, 2021

In January 2017, I was handed a massive challenge where I could either sink or swim. I contracted a horrid illness that was Meningitis; not that I was accurately diagnosed at that time, which made it massively difficult and life threatening.   My medical diagnosis came over a year later, in another state - provided retrospectively, given all that I had been through and the symptoms I recounted and problems I still live with.

By not getting help or treatment from doctors (only bewildering misdiagnoses) I was then left with debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other problems that for a long time, saw me exhaust myself attempting to cut up an onion.  

I've been through so much in trying to cope and deal with this illness, but there has been a silver lining.   I now speak on the phone with Anthony Field from The Wiggles. Yes, that's the Anthony Field aka the Blue Wiggle, who has made a global success of his children's entertainment group, The Wiggles, contributing to the joy and happiness of millions of children worldwide.

Perhaps what most people don't realise, however, is that that Anthony Field of the Wiggles is also a Meningitis Survivor, just like me.   We've sought strength and support from each other, and talked together about the challenges of Meningitis; sharing and comparing our experiences, and the actions we've each taken in overcoming this horrid and challenging illness.  

There aren't many of us around, as it's very uncommon, but when you find those who've experienced it, it's a relief to talk and you can really help each other.   When that person is the inspiring Anthony Field who has given so much positivity and happiness to this world as a founding member of the Wiggles, that makes his insights even more profound. He's done incredibly well to overcome Meningitis, and he never lets his fans down.  

I'd like to publicly acknowledge the genuine support that Anthony Field of the Wiggles has given me in this regard. It's more strength and knowledge to help me on my continued recovery and I know my insights have helped him too. You can read about my Meningitis experience and determined recovery effort HERE.

Photo credits: Alana Huxtable | Anthony Field

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