My 7 Empowering Life Lessons

By Alana HuxtableSeptember 19, 2022

No matter what is happening (or has happened) in your life, there is a lot you can do on a daily basis to take control of the reins and be empowered over your own destiny. Many people think their life is what ‘happens’ to them, rather than what they routinely do.

None of us are perfect, and will drop the ball from time to time, but when you are driven and determined to be empowered and in control of your life so you can make it the best it can be, you’ll make sure you create good habits and attitudes that keep your head above water and compensate for your flaws and mistakes along the way.

When you have good routines, things can go in a productive, purposeful, meaningful, and helpful direction for you always. They can help you be more resilient too.

With that said, here are some of my most empowering life lessons:

1. Read & Absorb

I have always believed in the power of gaining knowledge and learning from other people’s mistakes and discoveries. Reading is a great way to learn and absorb knowledge. It can be incredibly rewarding when you pick helpful books and choose authors who are inspiring and have powerful life stories because these will help make a positive difference to your life.

I don’t read books for entertainment so I’m not a fiction fan; I have always read to learn, absorb, and become a better person, so non-fiction has always been my domain. You can always learn something from books, blogs, or posts online, which you can apply to all areas of your life.

2. Keep it Simple

I prefer to live with simplicity and well below my means. I am (for the most part) a practical person, so I make decisions based on common and financial sense wherever possible. I try to run my life like a business, so I don’t buy things to impress other people for example.

I simply don’t desire or need to. Sure, I like to make my own life more comfortable in certain ways, but these are acquired for personal reasons, rather than other people’s approval or validation.

There’s a side of me that likes to 'splurge' and go all out at times, but I repress it to stay grounded as much as possible. Living simply can remove the distraction of many temptations and the sense of entitlement, contentment or comfort they might bring to some people, which often gets in the way of true progress.

It also means that you aren't living your life to simply 'fit in' with others and feeling the pressure of having to please, impress or get the approval of those people in your daily life so you can focus on what truly matters. When you feel validated within yourself, you don’t need external validation. Being this way also attracts better quality relationships in your life, and people who want to know you for the right reasons.

3. Demonstrate Integrity

I have always done my utmost to demonstrate integrity in everything I do. If I have promised something, I always do my absolute utmost to deliver. I value it more than any other quality, even above intelligence or energy.

It is crucial to choose integrity to succeed in life. It makes you the best possible leader and helps in times of survival, whether it is you or others you are helping. You can’t trade it for anything, no matter what the price is.

When you think and behave like this consistently, anything less represents a slip or mistake, rather than who you are. Sometimes even the best of us can let ourselves down - but when we operate from a place of integrity, it isn't catastrophic and can be remedied.

4. Learn to Communicate

I’ve always been an outgoing and communicative person. However, over the years I have refined and mastered my craft in both the written and verbal form. When I reflect on my life’s path, communication has formed a massive part of it.

It started as far back as high school when I participated in (and won) the Toastmasters public speaking contest upon my father’s initiation, encouragement, and desire. I then went on to become a finalist in the Toastmasters state finals.

My dad knew the importance of communication and overcoming any fears and inhibitions to develop confidence and clarity of message.  It was a great experience, and since then I have continued to evolve and improve my ability to communicate and influence in both written and verbal contexts.

I recognize it is one of the most valuable skills you can ever have because you need to do it in virtually every aspect of your life. If you’re not good at it, many situations that require it will see you get the rough end of the stick.

You could lose a lot of battles or be unhelpful or even useless to those closest to you who might need your help; or worse, you might end up avoiding any confrontation or battle altogether, which is basically a forfeit and keeps you stuck in a rut - all because communication isn't your thing.

If you are not good at articulating your thoughts, now is an excellent time to join a course to have an audience and practice your public speaking and gain confidence.

5. Love What You Do

I think we can all agree that I’ve taken a path of purpose and fulfillment where I get to do what I love. I sing, play piano, write books, create online content, help other people, and enjoy various other responsibilities that many don’t know or see.

Above all, I get to have my voice heard “loud and clear” just as my father always wanted, to silence the haters and their warped or fabricated narratives, which I have drawn like a magnet all of my adult life. My varied work responsibilities also provide me with flexibility so that I can invest in other important routines like exercise and rest, which I make a priority in my life.

I’ve always believed that choosing a degree, job, or purpose that you love is the best strategy if you want to be happy. It can also make you far more successful because it is sustainable, and you can apply more passion, energy and desire toward it given you truly love it.

Life is too short to be miserable in a job you hate or surrounded by people who don’t treat you well. If this sounds like your current predicament, work towards changing it. If you don’t love what you are doing, keep looking until you find your passion and people. When the going gets tough, your passion and interest will always carry you through.

6. Be Humble

I choose to remain grounded, humble, and grateful for everything. I have always been like this… it isn’t a result of my hardest times; however, the latter has reinforced those beliefs as being the right ones. I am comfortable with my imperfections and can take responsibility and accountability for my own mistakes. 

I also know that I don’t know everything, nor will I ever do everything right and achieve perfection. Far from it! I know my shortcomings and weaknesses, but I also know that I have many strengths and have acquired a lot of wisdom and useful, applicable experience from my life that has been eventful and unbelievable at times.

Humility can be developed through listening, self-introspection, and seeking feedback from yourself and others. It is essential to question your assumptions and recognize that you might be wrong because this type of approach is what makes you continue to grow and become a better person.

7. Be Generous

I like to be generous wherever possible. I’m a giver, and I like to ‘give myself’ to others in the form of help, inspiration, wisdom, and kindness to help others bounce back following challenges and adversity so that they can do and feel better. I’m always posting content with no expectation of anything in return.

Even though I have a lot of other things I do, I make sure I put out plenty of content (like this) for others who might need it. It doesn’t matter if I’ve had a bad day; I do it anyway. I’ve taken it on as one of my responsibilities. Given all the amazing feedback I get, I know it helps others. When you give more of yourself, good karma comes back your way eventually. It enables you to live from a place of kindness, warmth, and good intentions, rather than selfishness and a lack of empathy.

By developing these 7 empowering life lessons you will develop your personality, build your character, and lead a happy and successful life.

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