What My Community Says

"Alana, you are an amazing inspirational woman with a wonderful attitude. Keep going & continue to inspire others that maybe struggling."
Ruth Goldsmith
"Love your site....thank you for all your content."
Dilhara Anna Romanis
“Alana I want to tell you that you are an amazing person to help so many others. I just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing lady!!! ”
Maylene Pes
“Hi Alana, my wife Barbara and I are doing exactly what you recommend. 
You're handing out sound advice Alana.”
Roy Haythornthwaite
"Omg this is amazing woohoo what an awesome way to start off my week 💋 thanks so much for your help.❤️❤️ have an amazing week ❤️❤️❤️"
Kayleen Stevens
"Wow! Thank you so much for your true words! Fantastic! One very happy lady here!"
Joy Dallah
“Thank you Alana - 💋 💋 Thankyou! ❤️"
Kate Miller
“I just wanted to say thank you for being you and for all of your quotes x”
Dave Sjerp
“Thank you for everything you do and I hope you are keeping well!”
Kathy Foden
“LOVE ❤️  your soul-filling words.. thank you! 
Robyn Smith
“Very inspiring. It's so easy to focus on the negativity in life & say ‘poor me’ but you just get out there and get on with it. X”
Jan McFadyen
“Dear Alana, I’m sitting here at my final radiotherapy session No.25! Thank you so much, you’ve put a smile on my dial.”

Janine Doherty Murray
“You are amazing and an inspiration to all around you!”
Debbie Pope
“Thanks Alana. Really needed this at the moment. Truly inspirational & keep up the good work.”
Mary Bicos
“Thank you, you are a inspiration for us all that follow you. I have cronic pain and discomfort and suffering stiĺl from an accident even if I hurt I still get up every day and get dressed may not do alot but I think of Pink's song get up & try.”
Maylene Pes
“What an inspiring story you shared. What incredible guts, determination and willpower you have.”
Julie Doyle
“I just wanted to say thank you again for your generosity in self-help quotes and articles. Thank you so much !”
Katrina Phillips
“I’ve been loving your book. It’s as if you’re right here chatting to me when I read it and I almost feel rude whenever I put it down - as if I’m interrupting you! Very inspiring.”
Devy Basely
“After getting your book the other day, I took myself over the road to a café and started reading it. I couldn’t put it down !! Thankyou so much for this gift of inspiration!”
Sara Yondem
“I have finished reading your book! It was great! Very encouraging and uplifting! Please let me know when your next book is out!!!”
Masami Lock
“One of the most motivating and inspiring books I have bought so far. Written by a brilliant self-development author!”
Josh Miller
“Thank you for an inspiring year. I was blessed to have found you.”
Lauren Irving
“Many thanks Alana for your beautiful inspiring words.”
Maz Pike
“Thanks for your inspirational content - you help me a lot!”
Jeannie McLennon
“Thank you Alana for all your wonderful inspiration and wonderful page”
Belinda Lee
“Thanks for your powerful inspiration.”
Vanessa Mancic Blain
“Hey lovely. I just want to say a huge thanks for all the amazing content and insights you share. It’s so good, thanks heaps again xo –”
Bev Thomson
“I can’t wait to read your book I just love your inspirational content - I’m excited to read it!”
Belinda Murray
“I love seeing all your positive content that helps me get through my day or week. Keep doing what you do Alana xx”
Ngarie Mulholland
“You always make my day better and help me realise how much good is available from ourselves. X”
Telina Lewis
“Thank you Alana, for your lovely, motivational words throughout the year. Love your honesty, positivity & inspirational posts and blogs! ❤”
Josie Addamo Krstevski
“You do a great job well done X”
Cheryl Patroni
“Love your posts. I always appreciate your wonderful positive outlook on life. Thank you.”
Avril Crispin
“I'm so excited about your inspirational self-help content and your site!!!”
Melissa Benson
“Love your site! Always offering the best!”
Mary Whitta
“Just like to say thankyou for always putting out such inspirational content. Love seeing it. Thanks again. Great job.”
Louise Skinner
“You have the most awesome website and blogs!!”
Julia Benson

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